Featured work


Resin casting in water
10 x 12
Jacob Lawrence Gallery

The samovar is a traditional Russian tea kettle used to make large batches of tea. In Russia, it is a centuries-old custom to come inside from below zero, freezing temperatures and sit down and have some tea with family or guests. In my family we drink tea around the clock. My grandmother’s samovar is symbolic of warmth, shelter, familial love, heritage, memory, and tradition. By placing the samovar under water, I have metaphorically put the fire out and disabled the tea kettle’s functionality. I have displaced the water from the tank and the teapot. Yet, it glows. It reflects rainbows. The light refracts through it creating reflections of the samovar at various angles. The whole piece is illuminated. The displacement of water from inside to outside the vessel is just a transfer from one place to another. And if death is just a transfer from one state to another, does love and memory live on beyond physical existence and time?

“Under water, time is stopped, sound is muted,
nothing can harm me,
I am weightless”

Transfiguring Symbols, My Altar Body

Chicken wire, plaster, fabric,
Jacob Lawrence Gallery

Composite idols in reimagined forms. Characters within the psyche. Body + spirit morphe beyond collective archetypes and fleeting mental states, into fluid forms free from sexual, religious, or  gendered constraints. ︎

︎ Classical canonical sculpture looks to legend, myth, and story. When we reinvent these narratives and adapt them for ourselves, how do these symbols and characters shift?

Why Do Things Get In Such A Mess

7 minute 40 second performance, video 2019

An experiment removed from two dimensional constraints, activating space with free form color and movement, when anything and everything is a canvas, the joy of play and the consequence of it ending.